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Thursday, July 19, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: iPhone Gets 20,000 New Apps

Plusmo plans to unveil a free, iPhone-specific version next week, which will vastly improve the iPhone online content experience. (Plusmo is the service The Raw Feed uses to mobilize the blog -- click on the phone to the right to put The Raw Feed on YOUR phone.) While the iPhone browser's zoom-and-pan approach is good for some kinds of content, Plusmo's phone-optimized approach is best for real reading. So while iPhone developers wait for the SDK, and random developers here and there launch a trickle of apps without it, Plusmo gives you 20,000 widgets! If that's not enough for you, roll your own -- no programming experience is needed to create an iPhone widget on Plusmo. Widgets can be constructed with RSS, HTML, video, audio and other media. Many of them are search or other utilities. Plusmo even offers a searchable index of external iPhone widgets. Plusmo makes content load in the background for instant access when you want it, overcoming the iPhone's sluggish EDGE connection. It works over Wi-Fi, too. If you own an iPhone, go HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.


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