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Friday, July 20, 2007

Web Site Pays Cash For Your Old Phone

I wrote back in April about a concept called Reupgrading -- how to make the world a better place by always buying the latest gadget, and "recycling" your electronics while they're still new and hot. A web site called is the ultimate way for lazy cheapskates to reupgrade cell phones. The site wants your old cell phone, and will even pay you for it. Use their online make-and-model finder, and the site will give you the price they'll pay. Here's the best part: They'll even send you a box and labels for shipping. When they get the phone, you get a check, sometimes for more than $100 (depending on how old and cool your phone is). For example, they'll pay $420 for an iPhone. UPDATE: SecondRotation does the same thing, but with all gadgets.

(props to EcoGeek)


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