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Friday, December 04, 2009

The greatest geek gadget guide ever!

True gadget fans (like me) seem impossible to buy gifts for. We have everything. We know everything. And we're very picky about which devices we allow into our circle of trust.

The holidays can be an unhappy time of year for us technology enthusiasts, for three reasons. First, everyone in the extended family wants free tech support. Second, we never understand why the amazing electronics we give as gifts fail to impress grandma. Third and most of all, the gifts we receive -- although well meaning -- tend to fall flat.

"Uh, thank you! A digital-photo keychain from Brookstone. What? No, yeah, I love gadgets. It's, uh, fine -- I mean great..."

If you're a gadget geek (like I am), make sure your loved ones "accidentally" read this (mine will). It's exactly the kind of guidance they're looking for.

If you're buying a holiday gift for one of these difficult people, listen up. I'm going to tell you how to buy a gift that will rock their holiday.


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