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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ready for a wristwatch cell phone?

San Diego-based Kempler & Strauss this morning rolled out an incredible $199 wristwatch cell phone called the W PhoneWatch. The gadget sports a calendar, address book, a calculator, stopwatch, a vibration mode for silent alarms, a no-stylus touch screen, microSD slot and the ability to both take and play pictures and videos.

The watch features an LCD micro-touch touchscreen with a resolution of 128 x 128 and 260,000 colors. It weighs only 2.5 ounces and is the smallest phone watch you can buy, according to the company.

The watch takes pictures at VGA resolution (640 x 480). The video camera feature captures MPEG 4 (AVI) format at 128 x 104. The watch will play MPEG4, MP3, WMA, WAV and AMR files.

What's not to like?


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